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Sketch Artist / Art Director


During my professional history I have worked in every stage of a project’s production cycle, form discovery and storyboarding via visual design and back end development to launch and press releases. Every project begins with a piece of paper, a pencil and a conversation – I listen to my clients and never skip a single step in any new challenge.

Motion Design


Creative Production


Across all my media projects, I collaborated with stakeholders, clients and teams to gather insights and to meet the needs of the customer. I oversaw the visioning and the production of videos and apps for social media, advertising and user experience.

Responsibilities: Art direction for video production teams, motion graphics, front end developers. Concept and storyboard art.

surface blank screen template

A vital, and often over-looked step in any project is allotting ample time for pre-production. I found that the best way to translate a client’s vision into a common language for all involved to understand is through pictures - storyboards leave little room for error.


Over the years, I have developed storyboards for a variety of applications, form the simplest of wire-frame concepts, photo-shoot directions, animated shorts, PowerPoint presentations, new-business pitches and webinars. Each board was developed in the design strategy, or pre-production stages of the project cycle; beginning with a script or comprehensive design brief. I provide my boards to the specification of the client and the complexity of their project, message or campaign – at times a simple series of red line sketches would suffice, however, I do not shy away from full-color presentation boards, if that is what is needed to get the message across.


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