From a quite disconnected freelance DBA to a cohesive and, later, trademarked (2017) designer toy and fine art brand. Troublefish® was refined with a unified brand experience and web presence from scratch. The new brand needed the versatility to grow child products.

Creative Director / Designer 


Brand Development

Visual Design

Interface Design


Troublefish has been around, in some form, since 1999. In late 2014 I decided a complete rebrand was in order to reflect its new direction and to facilitate the trademark application. As creative director I was responsible for the design, from brand articulation to the physical merchandise developed under the mark. 


Responsibilities: Creative direction for a comprehensive brand experience, live web and mobile identity, roadmap strategy.

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troublefish business cards
Troublefish brand logo
a fresh

Established in Savannah, GA, anchored in marine biology and mused by the nostalgic simplicity of mid-century design. The new logo resonates with Troublefish's mission and target audience. I focused on an iconic mark, leveraged by clean and timeless typography set in a vibrant lavender.


I designed a brand identity that is elegant and approachable. I relied on custom hand lettering to convey a touch of mid-century modernism. The mature yet playful mark reflects the personal aspect that embodies Troublefish’s products and sets them apart from the competition. Additionally, the mark was designed for applications where the full logotype couldn't fit - social media avatars and app icons.


HEX# 793C66

RGB 121/60/102

HEX # 33262F

RGB 51/36/47

HEX # 000000

RGB 0/0/0

HEX # AA759B

RGB 170/117/155

HEX # 363636

RGB 54/54/54


RGB 255/255/255


Trebuchet MS Regular - Body Copy / Captions / Links


Trebuchet MS Bold - Hero headline / Page header / Section Subheader


Exclusive designer toys maximize the potential for brand expression. I made sure to cover every detail in designing customer touch points ingraining Troublefish's brand through a cohesive visual identity and some creative storytelling. Collateral included business cards, promotional vintage product posters, stationary, custom postcards and stickers, wooden drink coasters and silver cuff-links.


It was important to let the work speak for itself. Through great storytelling, compelling imagery and clear content, the products and industry knowledge would take center-stage. A simple, linear website, utilizing ample white space, provided a very unobtrusive setting.

I did not want to build a complex e-commerce site that few would use. The new site would carry the simplicity of the Troublefish brand while building on the stories behind its unique products.

Landing page wireframe
Landing page wireframe
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Press package page wireframe
Press package page wireframe
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MerCar product page wireframe
MerCar product page wireframe
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Custom prints page wireframe
Custom prints page wireframe
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Capt. QUINT product page wireframe
Capt. QUINT product page wireframe
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I decided for minimalism in designing the site structure, to emphasize the branded journey and allow the customer to explore the products.  While the look and feel of the web shell stayed consistent to the guidelines of the Troublefish brand, each subpage drew from key elements of its respective product, directing the customer ultimately towards that specific product.

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