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My name is Thomas Troisch. I am a creative director, UX designer, working artist and entrepreneur. I believe in the power of storytelling and am a strong advocate of clean, human-centered design. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, I have cultivated my narrative in Hamburg, St. Remy-de-Provence, and Savannah, GA before making my home (and office) in Seattle. I am a conservationist (BS in marine biology), a problem solver (AAA in animation/graphic design) and intuitive leader (MC in digital media). I am proficient in English, German and French.


I have spent over nineteen years in the industry - thirteen managing creative talent and driving projects for the likes of Microsoft, Disney and Nintendo. From video game design, over advertising and marketing communication, to product development, I have worked
as a design manager, writer, experience and product designer. Currently, I am principal of my designer toy brand and creative director at a Seattle-based media production studio.


I am a creative leader with the social awareness and practical skills to optimize teams for success. I consistently demonstrate a thorough understanding of the aesthetic design principles across media to engage my audience and stakeholders alike. Intent, research and experience inform all my creative decisions.

Aside from all this I live to travel (going on 30 countries). I follow all things sci-fi, sustainably unique design, and I have an unyielding devotion to the planet's waterbodies.

In 2018 I began writing and illustrating a children's book, embracing my philosophy to foster young readers' curiosity and imagination. 






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