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Captain (Capt.) QUINT® was my debut into the world of designer (art) toys. From an extra in a short story to trademarked small-batch resin collectible, I would spend the better part of 18 months developing the prototype and initial release set of 10 units. Capt. QUINT's story provoked community word-of-mouth, driving much of the launch campaign's PR.

Creative Director / Designer / Modeller

Research & Discovery

Product Design

Project Management

Creative Production


I conducted the vision, strategy and design for customer-led collectible toy development. I hired and directed a scrappy team consisting of a project manager, copywriter, videographer, marketer and digital sculptor, while directly contributing the products, branding, and PR.

Responsibilities: Creative direction, presentation, creative strategy, people management, concept design prototype development, and toy making.

Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe Illustrator 

Blender 3D

Microsoft Office

From the shadowy waters of the deepest abyss rises a new breed of apex predator, perfected by evolution, honed by technology.
Capt. QUINT Resin toy prototype
Prototype toy on the Savannah River

Capt. QUINT® is the first in a new series of collectible 8-inch vinyl nautical themed, retro-styled designer toys. Crediting his namesake to the ill-fated shark hunter of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 JAWS, Capt. QUINT® is inspired by the distinct lines of legendary comic-book artist Hergé, the iconic designs and vivid markings from the golden age of aviation, and our inherent fascination with sharks.

See the full length video on YouTube:


Prototyping on a shoe-string budget, I personally interacted with every facet of the toy’s development cycle; from the ABCs of toy making (illustration, design, 3D modeling, sculpting, molding, casting, finishing, etc.) to the rigors of administration (project management, brand articulation, marketing, distribution, press relations, manufacturing, logistics, financial and legal consultation, etc.).

After releasing an exclusive batch to attain the trademark for my Troublefish® brand, I molded, resin-cast and hand painted Capt. QUINT® at the customer’s request.

To learn more about Capt. QUINT®, future releases and Troublefish®, please go to


In a world where sharks have evolved with some appendage roughly equivalent to opposable thumbs, this adaptation gave them the capability to create technology, and thereby to dominate the seas to such an extent that the bony fish never came into their own, and so eventually humans never evolved either. The sharks developed their technology in a progression roughly parallel to our own technological evolution. All of their major cities are along the coastline, and although most of them prefer to swim in the ocean, they have devised inventions to allow them to live on the land or in fresh water, and some individuals prefer these ecosystems. Their species developed cyborg type augmentation earlier than we did, so while the current shark toy may be sporting jet engines equivalent to our 1950’s era designs, it has them surgically anchored to its artificially reinforced skeletal system, and has the controls hardwired into its nervous system.

designer toy colors
airbrush colors
airbrush colors
airbrush colors
airbrush colors
airbrush colors
airbrush colors

HEX # 94A8A5

RGB 148/168/165

CMYK 45/25/33/1


RGB 255/255/255

CMYK 0/0/0/0

HEX # 000000

RGB 0/0/0

CMYK 75/68/67/90

HEX # 2C3712

RGB 44/55/18

CMYK 70/53/91/62

HEX # 627133

RGB 98/113/51

CMYK 61/38/98/22

HEX # C21603

RGB 194/22/3

CMYK 16/100/100/7


The exaggerated body contours and geometric make-up of the engine is optimal for a diverse variety of color themes and applications. In line with the original story, I opted for environment specific battlefield camouflage - light and dark green algae patterns for the 2016 Kickstarter launch. Check out some of the others bellow... 

Clients have commissioned custom skins including, among others; various airline liveries, company/industry branding, and local sports team colors.

designer toy packaging

A coated 4 color print (CMYK) corrugated board box with blister pack proved a secure and handsome temporary home for Capt. QUINT. I opted for a simple design, taking key elements and color cues from the Capt. QUINT figure within. The package template allowed for quick and easy adaptation to any of Capt. QUINT's alternate color schemes.

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